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I can’t believe I started my FXB journey over 10 years ago…..

It seems like just yesterday my husband, Justin, came home and told me he was starting a new fitness program that was opening in Central Iowa. He gave me the “run down” on what was involved in this 10-week program, and started in with the stats about others that had been in the program before. I thought is sounded intriguing, but with all the “As Seen On TV” workout programs I had in our basement, I didn’t really see what could be so different about this one. So I told him to go ahead….and I would see how he did with it before I decided if it was something I wanted to do. He came home from the orientation….and told me we needed to do this together. That was how much of an impact the people of FXB had on him from the very beginning.

Once I started…..I was hooked. The classes, the coaching, the nutrition….it all made sense….and it worked. Suddenly all those “things” in my basement were collecting more and more dust, and I actually had energy to function with three kids and the hectic lifestyle that we lead. I must admit, I was not 100% faithful with the nutrition when I started the program. At the 5 week eval, I remember my coach talking with me about my goals, and why I seemed to not have met them yet, as she was encouraging me to set higher goals for myself from the beginning. Upon fessing up about my nutrition, she really spelled it out for me, and I made a promise to myself. If I was going to be working out 6 days a week, and putting the time in, why wouldn’t I follow the program 100%? It all made sense….and I started to see results. In the 10 years since my session ended, I have kept off almost 40lbs and countless inches. I am healthy & I feel strong.

What people don’t realize…is that there is no magic pill. We live in a fast paced “results now” based society. At Farrell’s we teach you how to change your life so you can have the results you have been lacking from other fitness programs. The people here make the difference….I can’t say that enough. We have made life long friends from our time at Farrell's, and I look forward to making new friends with our locations here in Madison.

Commit to yourself. Commit to results. Commit to succeed. At Farrell's… will.

I hesitantly signed up for Farrell's the day before the Winter 10 week session in 2006.  Fast forward and it was the best decision I have made for the health of me and my family.   11 years and it's still the best fitness program I have ever participated in.    
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Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Madison
6060 McKee Rd
Fitchburg, WI 53719
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Phone: (608) 720-1111
Head Coach:  David Jansen


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